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The Food Science Addict Podcast

Listen to our Food Science Addict Podcast where we explore many Food Science topics. From hot topics to novel trends and interviews with experts and young professionals.

Whether you are a food tech curious or a student or looking for your first food science job, you have stumbled upon the right link.

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Season 4

Listen to this episode where we explore functionalities of inulin in foods.
Listen to this episode where we explore the functionality of oleogels in saturated fat reduction.
Riccardo Bottiroli from Developeat shares his background and talks about Future Foods.

Season 3

Talking to Nick Henson about pros and cons of product development, novel trends and suggestions for those looking for NPD roles.
Listen to an episode hosted by one of our listeners (thanks Sofi!)
A scientific theory linking with trials with rye mycotoxins intoxication.
Food Science roles: exploring Flavour sciences

Season 2

Food science roles: exploring science communication roles
What else can you use coffee by products for? What are the main coffee alternatives?
A student’s journey, from student life to the job market.
UK Ecotrophelia lessons learnt.
Ice-cream functionalities and alternatives.
How an Italian chef is using inner tree bark flour for unique bread recipes.
Exploring the world of Sensory Sciences by the eyes of an expert.
Do healthier meat products exist?
A step by step episode on chocolate making.
The world of sweeteners (bulk and intense).
Who comes up with the ideas behind the foods you eat? Meet a Food Developer!
Is 3D printing the future? What are the foods we can use as ‘colours’?

Season 1

Ever wonder about what do astronauts eat? Do they eat regular sandwiches?
The world of milk alternatives.
Listen to this episode to learn if you are a supertaster.
Chia Seeds and its many uses.
Can we print food?
Welcome! What is Food Science? Listen to the episode to learn more.

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