Superfoods, egg and fat replacers: meet Chia Seeds

Everyone of us has used chia seeds at least once in their lifetime. We can use chia seeds during our breakfast, when making bread, or making cereal bars.
Chia seeds are native of southern Mexico and northern Guatemala and they were once used as a medicinal from Mayas and Aztecs. The word ‘chia’ means ‘strenght’ in Mayan and ancient warriors use to eat Chia seeds before their battles attributing their strenght and stamina to these seeds.

Nowadays we know very well that chia seeds are superfoods and this means that they are rich in bioactive compounds such as of omega-threes as well as fibres among the many. For all of these reasons, Chia seeds are considered and used as functional foods and ingredients.

If you are still reading you are expecting me to say a little bit more about Chia Seeds especially regarding its ability to be used as an egg replacer or as a fat replacer. You are in the right place, rather than reading you will be now listening to our latest podcast on The Food Science Addict Podcast (find it on Spotify).

Are you ready? Adjust your seat and let us take you through this journey

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