Academic writing : Writer’s block

So, you are dealing with an academic written assignment and you met the famous ‘Writer’s block’. You are in front of a white paper (or a screen), trying to understand the correct sentence to start your essay with, or worse, you are entirely unable to begin writing any word at all, and you feel like you have a mental block. This might be an issue as you will easily have many distractions, therefore, will start procrastinating. 

Practice, get ready to write

Don’t worry; this happens to everyone and you can quickly fix it. Sometimes one of the main reasons is just that you are not used to write enough. You can try to practice a little bit of reading and writing. Give yourself tasks such as 5 minutes essay, perhaps one that helps you recap the concept from a research paper you are reading as a source of information for your essay. You will get into the habit of reading and, most importantly, writing.

Sometimes you just lack preparation or think that your first draft must perfect and polished, a final version that you will then submit. This is wrong.

Tips to overcome the Writer’s block

There are many ways you can start writing your essay. See below some suggestions that will help you overcome the ‘writer’s block’:

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