Cacao-free chocolate – How and why?

Are you are a chocolate lover like me? Do you like trying new varieties and brands? How about vegan chocolate or cacao-free chocolate?
Today, what I want to talk to you about is a type of chocolate that is cacao-free. What does it mean? Exactly what I have just said. This London based start-up, WNWN Food Labs, has developed (and sells) cacao free chocolate.

We are used to understanding that when we produce something that is free-from, that thing that is usually excluded has some negative connotations.

What’s wrong about cacao for chocolate production?

First of all, most of the cacao that is produced worldwide comes from very few geographical areas. It is not a secret that cacao production involves some very unethical working conditions. Moreover, it can cause deforestation as well as contribute to climate change.

In order to give customers the chance to consume guilt-free ethical, and sustainable products, WNWN Food Labs produces a full cacao-free plant-based chocolate. They not only tap into the functionality of plant-based ingredients but also use some good old science in the form of fermentation.

Thanks to specifically designed and controlled fermentation processes, this company can reproduce the classic (and novel) cacao aroma compounds. They use ingredients such as British barley, carob and organic shea butter, among the others.

I know what you want to know now is if I have tried it, and the answer is no. Not yet.
I have checked their website, and it looks like they are out of stock (very good sign, I guess). What you can do, as I did, is subscribe to their website so that you’ll receive an update whenever a new batch of alt-chocolate is in stock.

I guess once I try it, I will have to write back! And let me know if you are lucky enough to try it before I do.
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