Start-up of the month: Goüter

If you are reading this, you know already that I love looking for new start-up and and businesses. This time I have found a very worthy one and yes, once again it is about chocolate. The reason why I chose to talk about this start-up this time is because here the co-founders are trying to tackle food waste. Both founders also consider sustainable packaging.
This start-up is perfectly positioned into what are the main current trends regarding food science.

Goüter is a word that in french means ‘to taste, enjoy’ but is also a small business that focuses on sustainability and food waste upcycling.

Goüter upcycled chocolate clusters

The Goüter team rescues unused bread in the UK. They cut the bread in small places, toast them and use them to produce crunchy chocolate clusters to consume as snacks.

Alongside bread, two other ingredients are used for the production of such clusters. One of them are nuts like hazelnuts, almonds and pecans. They are slowly roasted in order to let them develop an intense and perfect flavour.

The other important ingredient is, of course, British chocolate. The two co-founders are chocolate experts and they temper their chocolate in order to ensure a perfect snap and shine.

Goüter co-founders

Goüter is founded by Joel Manuvelpillai and Damien Andre.

Joël is an expert in Research and Development. He has a strong technical background and has been responsible for the development and management of new products for global chocolate brands like Cadbury’s, Milka and Godiva.
Damien is a master chocolatier and is not only an expert in chocolate but also in patisseries, snacks and most recently ice-cream. He is an activist for change in the food industry and has a passion to reduce waste, just like Joël .

Where to buy

The clusters come in different combinations of almond, hazelnut, pecan with dark chocolate, milk chocolate and caramel chocolate. You can purchase your pack here.

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