Start-up of the month: non-HFSS cereals (Brave)

Are you looking for a better understanding of non-HFSS foods? Do you want to know which brand is thriving?

Brave is a UK plant-based snack brand. They have recently developed a grain-free, sugar-free breakfast cereal product made from chickpeas and peas. This product is known as Super Hoops (available in Original and Cinnamon flavours) and, as you can guess, is characterised by a high protein and fibre content and a low carbohydrate content.

“It took us 18 months and over 100 trials to get it right, and it was worth it. We’re so proud of Super Hoops and we can’t wait to disrupt the category.”

Brave co-Founder Amber Fraser to ‘The Grocer’
Brave non-HFSS plant-based cereals
Source: Food and Beverage Networker


Brave’s new cereals are more sustainable than common grain-based products. Pulses, in fact, require a lower amount of water to grow and are also characterised by having a regenerative effect on the soil.

In a moment where UK companies need to adapt to HFSS (High in Fat, Sugar, and Salt) regulations this coming October, Brave company is perfectly in line with what are the new standards for snacks in the UK. HFSS regulations will restrict the marketing of foods that are deemed to be less healthy thus high in fat, sugar. and salt.

Such regulation is put in place in order to tackle childhood obesity by 2030.

What is an HFSS product?

HFSS products include soft drinks, confectionery, savoury snacks, and pizza but not really all of them. Each of these products is rated according to Nutrient Profile Score. Products will be determined high in fat, salt, and sugar (HFSS) if they are defined as less healthy: receiving a score of 4 or more for food and one or more for drinks.

Want to have a look at the category of HFSS foods? Read this document from GOV.UK.

Here’s some of the points covered from the regulation:

  • Volume driven promotions will also be banned (e.g. Extra Free, 2 For 1’s, Multibuys, etc.).
  • On TV, HFSS adverts will only be allowed between 9 pm and 5.30 am.
  • The ban also applies online to all paid-for advertising (except digital-only audio) such as search and social, video, in-app, in-game, etc.

More brands

But in this new war against unhealthy foods, not only Brave but other companies are thriving. Some examples are: Misfits with their Plant-based protein bars and cereal Start-up Surreal.

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