About Me

About me

Hello, my name is Veronica and I have a PhD in Food Science. I am a Teaching Fellow and I love fried food, coffee and ice-cream, therefore I am very curious about lipids, polyphenols, emulsions/foams and anything with a nice texture.

I have created this virtual space initially for my students. I wanted this to be a place where we could build a community of food romantics, like me and where we could learn together about food trends, novel ingredients, processes, novel products and much more.

Here, I also share tips on academic writing, tips for students and for young graduates. I hope this will feel like a safe space where you can learn and, hopefully, have fun too.

Some posts and downloadable material might be available only to subscribers. This will help me manage the blog and, hopefully, be able to give you better and frequent content.

Hope you will enjoy this space,