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Food Scientist : an identikit

A Food Scientist will probably be working and gaining experience in many aspects of the food industry. If you become one, you will be finding yourself situations where you will need to use novel ingredients (or assessing them). Novel formulations might need to be created or re-created and you might need to tweak methods and processes too according to who will be your end consumer. … Continue reading Food Scientist : an identikit

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Start-up of the month: Goüter

If you are reading this, you know already that I love looking for new start-up and and businesses. This time I have found a very worthy one and yes, once again it is about chocolate. The reason why I chose to talk about this start-up this time is because here the co-founders are trying to tackle food waste. Both founders also consider sustainable packaging. This … Continue reading Start-up of the month: Goüter

Plant-based proteins and muscle growth

Regarding plant-based proteins, do you remember some posts ago when I was talking about this new milk-beverage-type product based on potato proteins? While I was very pleased to see an increase in offer, I was still confused about why we should mimic milk at all costs instead of creating brand new product concepts. While I still am of that idea,  I am open to changing … Continue reading Plant-based proteins and muscle growth

Cacao-free chocolate – How and why?

Are you are a chocolate lover like me? Do you like trying new varieties and brands? How about vegan chocolate or cacao-free chocolate?Today, what I want to talk to you about is a type of chocolate that is cacao-free. What does it mean? Exactly what I have just said. This London based start-up, WNWN Food Labs, has developed (and sells) cacao free chocolate. We are … Continue reading Cacao-free chocolate – How and why?

Plant-based alternatives: Potato based beverage to use as milk

Most people who know me call me an adventurous eater. I tend to get very curious about novel foods and novel formulations. Even if they might not always be healthy, I try new products anyway.I have this urge to taste everything new in the market (and yes, I did try insects, too) to better understand the taste and texture. Potato-based alt-milk beverage Last week, I … Continue reading Plant-based alternatives: Potato based beverage to use as milk