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what is a marshmallow, picture of marshmallows

What is a marshmallow?

If you had to describe a marshmallow to a food scientist you would probably say that it is just a foam that is stabilised with gelatin. You see, making a marshmallow is quite simple; you will only need sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, and – something essential: air. How to make a marshmallow: Gelatin Gelatin is … Continue reading What is a marshmallow?

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Ancient sourdough starters and where to find them

Known as mother dough, sourdough starters have been around for nearly 6,000 years. Many people use this type of technology to produce their own breads or baked delicious sweets. It is not a mistery that many researchers and bread-makers want to know how sourdough technology came about. Old starters are surrounded by some kind of … Continue reading Ancient sourdough starters and where to find them

Koji mould: from plant-based meat to upcycling foods

Originally found in Southeast and East Asian regions, Tane koji is described as spores of Aspergillus oryzae. Traditional Japanese fermentation industries use Aspergillus oryzae to produce soy sauce, sake, bean curd seasoning, and vinegar (among the many). A variety of enzymes are secreted by filamentous fungi. Since the 13-15th century (Heian and Muromachi period), filamentous fungi … Continue reading Koji mould: from plant-based meat to upcycling foods

Start-up of the month: non-HFSS cereals (Brave)

Are you looking for a better understanding of non-HFSS foods? Do you want to know which brand is thriving? Brave is a UK plant-based snack brand. They have recently developed a grain-free, sugar-free breakfast cereal product made from chickpeas and peas. This product is known as Super Hoops (available in Original and Cinnamon flavours) and, … Continue reading Start-up of the month: non-HFSS cereals (Brave)

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Food Scientist : an identikit

A Food Scientist will probably be working and gaining experience in many aspects of the food industry. If you become one, you will be finding yourself situations where you will need to use novel ingredients (or assessing them). Novel formulations might need to be created or re-created and you might need to tweak methods and … Continue reading Food Scientist : an identikit

Start-up of the month: Goüter

If you are reading this, you know already that I love looking for new start-up and and businesses. This time I have found a very worthy one and yes, once again it is about chocolate. The reason why I chose to talk about this start-up this time is because here the co-founders are trying to … Continue reading Start-up of the month: Goüter