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How to identify skills: searching for a Job

As a teaching fellow and as a student personal tutor, I answer many of my students question. One of them being: How do identify my skills? I understand this question very well because it is something that I keep asking myself every once in a while too. When the last student asked this question again, I thought it would be an interesting post, so here … Continue reading How to identify skills: searching for a Job

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Essay question words explained

It is this time of the academic year. Semester one is slowly coming to an end and you are writing your end-of-semester assignments, perhaps an essay-type of assignment. One of the things I struggled the most when I was a student was understanding the exact wording of the assignment or essay title. Being a non-native English speaker, many words seemed to have the same meaning … Continue reading Essay question words explained

How to: Critical Thinking

Some posts and downloadable material might be available only to subscribers. This will help me manage the blog and, hopefully, be able to give you better and frequent content. Subscribe to keep reading the rest of the article. Here you are, you have just started your semester and if you are scrolling down the pages of your assessment briefs, you are finding many mentions to … Continue reading How to: Critical Thinking

How to prepare for a new academic year

*FREEBIE ALERT* Free week planner to download at the end of the article It is that time of the year again, a new semester is approaching and you need to get ready and start preparing for another fantastic round of learning, new friendships, challenges and victories.I normally consider September the moment when the real new year starts, the moment where you set your goals, you … Continue reading How to prepare for a new academic year