Academic writing : Writer’s block

So, you are dealing with an academic written assignment and you met the famous ‘Writer’s block’. You are in front of a white paper (or a screen), trying to understand the correct sentence to start your essay with, or worse, you are entirely unable to begin writing any word at all, and you feel like you have a mental block. This might be an issue … Continue reading Academic writing : Writer’s block

Canadian Poutine: not simple French fries

Have you ever heard about Poutine? This last weekend, I enjoyed some time with my fellow Italian and Spanish friends (and a couple of English ones too).It is an obsession of mine to talk about time and is quite common that my friends and I start talking about how long we have been living in the UK. I am close to almost 6 years. That … Continue reading Canadian Poutine: not simple French fries

The use of Inner Tree Bark Flour

In the last few days before Easter, I stumbled upon an article on Linkedin. They were talking about the use of tree inner bark flour for the production of flavourful bread. I got very curious about it and started thinking about the challenges, compositions, regulatory aspects, and suppliers. I have been asking my connections on Linkedin, searched the web and looked for publications. Here is … Continue reading The use of Inner Tree Bark Flour

Coffee Alternatives: a look at new products

Being a coffee lover (and addicted), I find it very difficult to adapt to any alternatives, but I am also a food scientist and a naturally curious person, so, even if I think I might hate a product, I still give it the benefit of the doubt and try it. I try to keep an open mind when talking about coffee alternatives. Even though I … Continue reading Coffee Alternatives: a look at new products

Healthier meat products and sensory challenges

We live in a world where consumers have become more aware of the relationship between health and diet. If we look at things like functional foods, we have all noticed an increase in offers from probiotic enriched beverages to cereal bars to protein and fibre fortification, healthier meat products and meat analogues. Looking at these specifically, I guess you might have already tried some, and … Continue reading Healthier meat products and sensory challenges

How is chocolate made

When we talk about chocolate we say the words “addiction”,”guilty pleasure”, “gluttony”. Speaking of which, did you know that, just as the Mayas, Chuck Palahniuk’s “Damned” little devils used chocolate as a form of currency for exchange of goods and that Hemingway himself was particularly fond of chocolate during his Italian days in the early 1900s? The cacao comes from a plant: Theobroma cacao. It … Continue reading How is chocolate made

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3D food printing: Printable ingredients

Do you remember when we first mentioned 3D food printing (and our podcast episode)? I remember writing that this is a very innovative food processing technique. This indeed will have its use in foods and material sciences, medicine, and the pharmaceutical field (among the many). If you read the article or listened to the podcast episode, you remember that we mentioned some particular challenges related … Continue reading 3D food printing: Printable ingredients

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4 Food Trends for 2022

The new year recently started, and as usual, I am looking into what is ahead of us regarding food trends in 2022. Firstly. it was delightful seeing that research in nutrition, gut health, and mental health are driving the current food science trends.Therefore, points like fermentation, alternative proteins, food waste and sustainable packaging strategies are particularly hot. Other trends involve novel functional ingredients and the … Continue reading 4 Food Trends for 2022

How to identify skills: searching for a Job

As a teaching fellow and as a student personal tutor, I answer many of my students question. One of them being: How do identify my skills? I understand this question very well because it is something that I keep asking myself every once in a while too. When the last student asked this question again, I thought it would be an interesting post, so here … Continue reading How to identify skills: searching for a Job

Food Science books for food lovers

Christmas is approaching, and soon we will be looking for inspirations and ideas for our holiday gifts. I obviously love gifting food to my loved ones, and since I live in the UK and am also very often in Spain, whenever I go back to Italy, I bring back something typically Spanish or English. Another thing that I love gifting is books, and since most … Continue reading Food Science books for food lovers