Essay question words explained

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It is this time of the academic year. Semester one is slowly coming to an end and you are writing your end-of-semester assignments, perhaps an essay-type of assignment.

One of the things I struggled the most when I was a student dealing with a written assignment was understanding the exact wording of the assignment or essay title, especially being a non-native English speaker. Many words seemed to have the same meaning to me and I couldn’t properly understand what the difference between ‘describe’ and ‘explain’.

I want to make your life easier and write a post about essay titles to help you with your current assignment and perhaps something you can keep in mind for future reference.

To ace you essay assignment, the best thing you could do for yourself (beyond studying) is fully understanding the title. You might be writing a perfectly worded essay but it what you write does not match what you are asked for, all of your efforts might not be rewarded.

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