4 Food Trends we will see growing in 2022

2022 has recently started, and as usual, I am looking into what is ahead of us regarding food trends. I was delighted to see that most of the trends I spotted are informed by research on nutrition, gut health, and mental health. Points like fermentation, alternative proteins, food waste, sustainable packaging strategies, novel functional ingredients, and the connection between diet and health are some of the topics that are particularly dear to food producers, manufacturers, and consumers.

 I don’t want to talk too much with this introduction as I get very bored when introductions get too long without getting to the point so, let me get there.

See below some of the food trends we will see in 2022 and beyond:

1. Meat analogues

Plant-based and mycoprotein-based meat alternatives are already present in our markets, and they will be there for the years to come. The popularity of such products is rising, and companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible burger would say something about it. But how about cultivated meat? While in Singapore, the sale of cultivated meat was authorized in 2020, Europe does not yet see such products sold on its supermarket shelves. It looks like we need to wait for regulatory approval as well as optimize costs of scalability, and of course, we need to deal with consumers’ neophobia. Realistically, these products might see the light in Europe in around 2 years. I guess we only need to keep our eyes on EFSA updates.

2. Food waste upcycling

Upcycling food waste has been a critical research topic in the last few years, and we expect to see it becoming more and more a center for attention for food manufacturers. Companies and startups are already looking into turning waste products into something with value. Waste products such as fruit side streams and unutilized fruit parts could be repurposed into products that will apport higher nutritional values to the end consumers or into sustainable packaging material.

I was very interested in an American brand called Pulp Pantry that repurposes pulp from juices which is typically discarded. They reuse it to produce chips. Or Kromkommer, a brand from the Netherlands. They rescue imperfect produce that would otherwise be discarded and sell imperfect vegetables and fruit boxes called ‘wonky vegetables’.

3. Plant-based milk alternatives

Plant-based milk alternatives are surging in popularity for nutritional benefits and (for some of them more than others) sustainable reasons. It is not a mystery that Oat milk is taking over the consumption of cow milk, and I am not the only one spotting new milk alternatives on the shelves of supermarkets. Looks like we are going to see more options, from pea to hemp milk alternatives.

4. Food promoting and supporting health and wellbeing

Functional foods that promote health and are full of nutrient-rich ingredients will keep being a trend, but one thing we will see more and more are going to be foods that promote calm and stress reduction. Let’s keep the attention high and try to spot products that contain L-theanine, melatonin, botanicals such as lavender and valerian, as well as probiotics. Pepsico has recently launched its series of products that promote mental well-being called Soulboost. I have written about it here.

Now that I covered some of the incoming and consolidating food trends, let me know which one of these you have already spotted and perhaps suggest some I can try. Let’s keep hunting new food products and trends.

2 thoughts on “4 Food Trends we will see growing in 2022

  1. The alternate meats to me are the most interesting. So impactful if they can replicate more and more accurately. I ate the beyond chicken from KFC today and it was pretty good.


    1. Definitely something I am interested in as well. I love Quorn and I think that so far they have been amazing in what they do. I know a lot of people like the animal protein alternative strategy, however, they are not big fans of processed foods. I guess you cannot always make everyone happy but I understand their point of view


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